From project-based services such as the creation of job descriptions and staff manuals, to the management of more complex areas of human resources consulting, such as performance appraisal, compensation studies and the development of strategies; our team of human resources experts masters everything.

We'll put practices in place to manage tedious processes, save you time and keep you focused on running your business.

With this advisory function, we contribute to the continuous improvement and development of human capital.

Staffing and Recruitment

Optimize the profitability of your company's personnel with better recruitment strategies. We can identify key performance indicators and assess your current and future workforce needs. Recruitment process outsourcing is our specialty.

Workplace Investigations

Getting to the bottom of a workplace complaint, especially a very serious one, can be tricky. Emotions run high and the consequences of muzzling the process or not getting to the truth are not to be neglected. Let us help you sort it all out.

HR Audits

There are many types of HR audits. Audits can be broad, integrating how a business operates and looking at efficiencies, or identifying potential issues and leading to quick corrective action. Whatever the need, we'll simplify the process for you.

Policy Development and Implementation

Whether you need a comprehensive staff handbook or are simply looking for a basic review of existing policies and procedures, we can help. Our strength is communicating your company's values and expectations in a clear, consistent and legally compliant manner.

Compensation and Market Analysis

Competitive compensation practices are essential to recruitment and retention efforts. Our compensation research and market analysis will provide your company with the tools to implement competitive and fair compensation practices.

Disciplinary Action and Finalisation

We'll walk you through risk assessment, help you develop an action plan (including talking points) and even meet while you're breaking the news. Learn how to handle the toughest conversations, reduce anxiety and improve results.

Management and Supervisory Coaching

We customize a variety of supervisor trainings for new and experienced managers and supervisors to provide them with the training and resources needed to succeed. As a result, they will play a more effective role in achieving overall business goals for performance and profitability.

Personnel Relations and Performance Reviews

Mitigating labor relations risks is crucial. We will implement processes that will increase staff satisfaction and productivity, while minimising your liability. Custom-designed Key Performance Indicators and structured analytics are also available. 

Developing Team Building Capabilities

Your team building experiences always focus on the benefits for you and your team.

Our diverse range of team-building exercises will encourage you to understand each person and learn how to work more effectively within a group, while maintaining a shared vision to improve team cohesion and energy. Most of the exercises are performed using a hands-on experimental method.

Dealing with Difficult People / Courageous Conversations

Do you avoid the conversations you know you need to have? Do you wish you could be more assertive and in control? Do you feel worried before a difficult conversation? Do you have difficulty dealing with emotional clients, co-workers or colleagues?

You are not alone! In fact, many people consider dealing with difficult people to be their greatest professional challenge. We've designed an interactive workshop to address all of these challenges and more. You will learn techniques and strategies to handle difficult conversations and difficult people with skill and confidence.

You will participate in practical and interactive discussions, exercises and role plays that will change the way you see and respond to difficult people and situations.

Developing Soft Skills

Soft skills are personal attributes that allow you to interact effectively and smoothly with other people in the workplace, including co-workers, management, and customers. Studies have shown that a gap in basic soft skills among professionals affects business success and increases turnover rates.

Our soft skills coaching is useful for students and professionals at all levels and is an extremely effective way to create an effective, respectful and collaborative culture – which ultimately impacts results.

We can help you become better at the following areas (not limited to):

• Communication skills

• Presentation skills

• Skills for problem solving

• Conflict resolution

• Leadership skills

• Emotional intelligence

• Management of time

• Ethics

Performance Coaching

Do you want to get better results? Increase productivity and accountability? Improve skills? Achieving work-life balance? Building a successful career and professional development plan?

Our specialised executive, performance and life coaching programs support you in your professional and personal development. Coaching is an effective way to promote learning and has an impact on your results by allowing you to achieve superior performance.

Our coaches are committed to your success.

Personal Productivity

The right productivity method can make a huge difference in your work.

A frictionless workflow can take you from feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, and unproductive to feeling calm, in control, and ready to take on even the biggest projects.

We've collected the most powerful productivity methods and frameworks in one convenient place.

Prevention of Harassment and Bullying

Did you know that an employee is four times more likely to be bullied than sexually harassed? Under occupational health and safety provisions, employers and employees have a "duty of care" not to harm others and to preserve their right to "peaceful enjoyment of work".

Our program will clarify the rights and obligations of employees at all levels. You will appreciate that no matter what work you do; you have a role to play in contributing to a workplace where people are treated in a safe and respectful manner. Our program is interactive and enjoyable, with many activities for participants.

As practitioners with years of frontline experience in many best practice companies, we have the knowledge, experience and skills to keep you up to date.

Are you interested in any of the above advisory sessions? Send us a message through the contact section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.