For any organization to function beyond the status quo, it is essential that it engages the best people with the required knowledge and experience. This aspect of the life of every organization is what is called human resources management which deals with the acquisition and management of talent. 

As HR experts, whether you are a professional or an organization, just as our name depicts we create a perfect relationship that benefits both parties.


Liée sarl unearths some of the best talent from various fields of expertise. These talents are sourced from all sectors and industries, composed of skilled and unskilled workers. Our general recruitment function is thus characterized by the recruitment of blue-collar workers or laborers and lower-level management or first-line operating management workers. 


This is the exclusive search function of Liée sarl. We source what we call industry players comprised of seasoned executives with varied skills and substantial years of professional experience. Our executive search function is principally comprised of middle-level management and top-level management personnel. Thus, we recruit all C-level Executives; CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO, CISO, CSO, COO and VP level, Manager and Director level executives.

They are carefully sourced from leading organizations across all sectors and industries. 

As Liée sarl aims to bring about positive changes in organizations in terms of performance and profitability, our recruitment process is rigorously well tailored according to the needs  and priorities of each and every client. This guarantees nothing but success. 

 Our Industries Of Exploitation

A Cross-Section Overview (Not limited to the below)

Banking | Insurance Technology | Logistics | Oil & Gas | Mining Automotive | Entertainment | Restaurant | Energy | Transportation | Construction | Pharmaceuticals | Agriculture  | Veterinary | Travel & Tourism | Telecommunications | Retail | Manufacturing | Health Care | Interior Design | Facility Management | Education & E-Learning | Architecture | Food & Beverages | Real Estate | HR | Hospitality | Aviation | Import & Export | Engineering |