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Hilarious Job Interview Video. (Just For Laughs)

By: Greg Goodyer


Recruiter: So Steve..

Candidate: Andy.. 

Recruiter: Tell me a little about your background.

Candidate: Well, I used to work in an office. In the background there was a large wall, a clock that went anti-clockwise and a Hello Kitty coffee machine. 

Recruiter: Oh yeah. And did you get on well with the management?                                                

Candidate: Yeah. My boss was always 100% behind me. 

Recruiter: Oh so he totally supported you?   

Candidate: No. He was always 100% behind me. Watching. He didn't trust me. 

Recruiter: So Steve..                              

Candidate: Andy.. 

Recruiter: What do you feel you can bring to this company?                                                             

Candidate: Well.. my bag, some pens, my lunch, and a bowl of plastic fruit. 

Recruiter: So Steve..                              

Candidate: Andy.. 

Recruiter: What do you know about us?         

Candidate: Only what you've told me. 

Recruiter: And what was that?                           

Candidate: Nothing. 

Recruiter: So Steve..                                             

Candidate: Andy.. 

Recruiter: So what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Candidate: Strong coffee. Weak bladder. 

Recruiter: So Steve..                                              

Candidate: Andy.. 

Recruiter: So where do you see yourself in five years?

Candidate: Pretty much the same as now. Mostly on facebook. 

Recruiter: In your resume it says that you're "driven". What do you mean?                                             

Candidate: I don't have a driver's licence. 

Recruiter: So Steve..                                            

Candidate: Andy.. 

Recruiter: Give me an example of how you dealt with a difficult work situation.                             

Candidate: Well. I had a colleague who was always rude to me. So I decided to lead by example. And reply with kindness. And give him a helping hand.         

Recruiter: Oh yeah. What did you do?         

Candidate: He was running late for a meeting. So I pushed him down the stairs. 

Recruiter: So Steve..                                           

Candidate: Andy.. 

Recruiter: Steve. Finally. Why should we choose you? What do you really have to offer?                   

Candidate: A thousand dollars? 

Recruiter: Steve. The job is yours!            

Candidate: Andy. Andy. Andy. Andy.


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